20.000 miles across the American West. 4 years. 13 states. This documentary was the road trip of a lifetime. From California to North Dakota, from Montana to Nevada, we traveled in three SUVs in the search for American Wild Horses. The story we uncovered along the way is full of beauty and imagery so foreign and interesting to me, having grown up in central Europe. As well as heartbreaking and deeply disturbing when we found out how the American Government is systematically eradicating the Wild Horse population for the benefit of livestock grazing. 

I would follow Ashley and Ed anywhere. And this turned out to be a life changing journey. The trailer above only reflects the first few weeks of shooting. We have since shot over 50 more terabytes of footage and I can't wait for the new version to be released. The movie is set to release in 2022.

Also, I would like to thank Briana. She has been the 1st AC for my entire professional career and I could not have done this without her. The G.O.A.T. of focus.

Director - Ashley Avis

Cinematographer - Kai Krause

Producer - Edward Winters

Production Company: Winterstone

1st AC: Briana Del Giorno

Camera: Alexa Mini

Lenses: Canon 50-1000mm, Kowa Ana.