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Another older project on this site, but one that will forever be important to me and my career. This was the first larger scale narrative project I ever shot and it cemented my love for narrative filmmaking. Jared is a masterful director. We were both still learning our craft when we shot Unremarkable. I would do a lot of it differently now, but I am immensely proud of what we managed to achieve. We never wanted it to be a beautiful film, but driven by reality. I never worked so strictly story driven before and it opened up my mind about what good cinematography should be.

Director: Jared Anderson

Cinematographer: Kai Krause

Production Designer: Mari Lapaleinen

Producer: Sara Nassim

1st AC: Steven Breckon, Chis Kistan

Gaffer: Ari Davidson

Key Grip: Shadi Chaban

Operator: Sean Bagly

Steadicam: James Goldman

Camera: Arri Amira

Lenses: Cooke S4

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