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Celiné Dion - Courage
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One of my favorite music video shoots ever. Se Oh and I have been working together for a while now and every shoot is a confirmation of how much I love his vision and drive. 

We flew to Montreal to shoot three videos for Celine over one weekend. Sadly, this is the only one that made it to the public. 

Shot in just 6 hours, this deceivingly simple looking video was made possible by my amazing crew. Every lighting scenario was pre-rigged the day before and allowed Celine to move freely across the stage. We had countless Skypanels rigged to the grid, covering every conceivable move she was going to want to make. All we needed to do on the day was press a button on Marco's iPad and she was lit as intended.

Shoutout also to Cooke Optics for their insane Anamorphics. I can't think of any other lens holding that kind of contrast when 50+ panels are bouncing straight into the lens.

Director: Se Oh

Cinematographer: Kai Krause

Production Designer: Jean-François Clément

Production Company: Mad Ruk

Production Company: Telescope

Executive Producer: Ray Mendoza

Producer: Samuel Caron

Label: Columbia Records

1st AC: Christophe Sauve

Gaffer: Marco Venditto

Key Grip: Jeff Nichols

Camera: Alexa Mini

Lenses: Cooke Anamorphic

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