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Delta - Carbon Neutral
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My first commercial with the amazing Jones in the director's chair. I was lucky enough to shoot a handful of his spots since, but this one sticks out. The agency cut above shows only a small amount of the work we put into this. Jones challenged my idea of what a commercial should look like from day one. It was a reasonably big production, but with Jones it feels like you are on a run-and-gun shoot. Handheld, Steadicam, Dolly. The camera constantly gets ripped of one and moved to the other. We never stop shooting. I love his way of working. I learned to shoot this way in my Reggaeton days and have loved it since. Fast, in the moment, and always evolving.

Director: Jones

Cinematographer: Kai Krause

Production Designer: Hunter McCann 

Producer: Mark Hall

Production Company: Stink

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

1st AC: Briana Del Giorno

Gaffer: Sebastien Nuta

Key Grip: Cody Ingham

Steadicam: Bill Hunt

Camera: Alexa Mini LF

Lenses: Canon K-35

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