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Gatorade - The Captain
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This is the oldest project I have on this site, but it still holds a special place in my portfolio. Fran is one of the most talented and interesting directors I have ever worked with. We started out together and shot countless of commercials and short form narrative projects together. 

Fran and I both love wide glass and this entire spot was shot on just two lenses: A 14mm and a 18mm Ultra Prime. 

There is no doubt that I would light a lot of it differently now, but what I care about above all is story and this spot is the strongest commercial story I was allowed to shoot yet.

It will stay on here until a new project can kick it off that throne.

Director: Fran Mendez

Cinematographer: Kai Krause

Producer: Andrea Sastoque

Production Company: Paranoiia

1st AC: Ariel Navarrete

Gaffer: Malcolm McCarthy

Key Grip: Guillermo Casarin

Camera: Alexa Mini

Lenses: Zeiss Ultra Prime

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